Photo by Brett Warren
The Tennessee Slicker Online casino Ireland.
The Sultan of Goodlettsville
The Most Popular Man in Country Music
Well now! What can one say about Leroy Troy that wouldn’t seem “pale” after seeing him perform?

To begin, Banjoist & Songster Leroy Troy is a true good ol’ boy from Goodlettsville Tennessee, which is now a northern suburb of metro Nashville. But long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, it was out-in-the-country home to a great number of Grand Ole Opry performers. Back then you couldn’t help but be a neighbor to Stringbean, Bashful Brother Oswald, Bill Monroe, Grandpa Jones, the Carlisles and many others of the first generation of country music. Leroy isn’t quite that old, but he is definitely SOAKED in that old time country entertainment spirit. He knew a number of these folks as neighbors when he was a boy.

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